Friday, October 31, 2014

5pm Halloween Team WOD!

Meet us tonight from 5-7 for our Halloween Team WOD. 
Feel free to dress up in your favorite Halloween costume. See you tonight!

Horror Movie Team WOD:

Scene 1: Hold on for your life...
Everybody is going to hold on to the pull up bar for max time

Scene 2: Save your team member...and don’t trip
Sprint to every mat and complete a burpee on your way to pick up your team member on the other end to carry (ore wheelbarrel) to safety! Tag the next team and start a 400m Run with your team member (next round switch)
3 Rounds each team member

Scene 3: 666
13 Rounds each team member - one person goes through a round then switch
6 x DL (95/65)
6 x KBS (53-50/35-30)
6 x Sit Ups

Scene 4: Don’t split up!
2 person 1300m BB Carry (135/95 – Scaled 95/65 – mini 55/35)- Group has to stay together to survive
Anytime a BB touches the ground the whole group has to put their BB down and complete 13 BW Squats, 13 Squat Jumps, 13 Lunges and 13 Push Ups. One person will do the movements the other will be in a plank position with hands on the bar - then switch

Bonus Scene: Don’t touch the ground if you want to escape....
Team uses 3 plates (45/25) to get down the room and back as quickly as possible. Each member stands on a plate and the team must work together to move the third plate from the back to the front so that they can continue advancing forward. (If your team touches the ground - start over!!)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

FortMyers CrossFit Thoroughbreds 10/31/2014 Fri. WOD

Strength Accessory:
3 x 10 GHD weighted Hypers
3 x 10 KB/DB Windmills (each side)
3 x 10 DB Step Ups
3 x 10 Sledge Hammer Swings each side

6 Rounds
Farmers Carry to 41 and back
100 Mountain Climbers

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

FortMyers CrossFit Thoroughbreds 10/30/2014 Thurs. WOD

Strength: Bench Press 70%
10 x 50%, 5 x 60%, 5 x 65%, (3 x 8 x 70%)

Strength Accessory: 2 Rounds
Push Ups: 10 x weighted, 10 x on MB’s, 10 x w/feet elevated

WOD: "Helen" 3 Rounds for time
400m Run
12 Pull Ups
21 KB Swings

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

FortMyers CrossFit Thoroughbreds 10/29/2014 Wends. WOD

Strength: Deadlift 70%
10 x 50%, 5 x 60%, 5 x 65%, (3 x 8 x 70%)

Strength Accessory:
Posterior Fly x 10 – 3 Rounds
V-Ups x 5 – 4 Rounds

WOD: “The Crippler” for time
30 x Back Squat (225/155) or use 70% of your max
Run 1 mile

Monday, October 27, 2014

FortMyers CrossFit Thoroughbreds 10/28/2014 Tues. WOD

30 min. AMRAP!

Push Press x (135/95) x 10 reps
Run 400 m.
Burpees x 10
MB Rotational Slams x 10 each side

Remaining time work out foam rolling/stretching

Sunday, October 26, 2014

FortMyers CrossFit Thoroughbreds 10/27/2014 Mon. WOD


5 x Farmers Carry HEAVY! Black Mats - length of the room
5 x Sled Push down Heavy
5 x Rope Climbs

WOD: 20 min time cap
Run 1 mile
AMRAP (with remainder of 20 min)
5 Thrusters (95/65)

25 lat Jumps over Bar 

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